5 Signs It’s Time to Take a Break from Strength and Conditioning Training

If you train in a martial art, you probably spend a lot of time increasing your strength and conditioning. Spending time on these aspects of your fitness will have far-reaching benefits that extend far outside martial arts, but it’s important you don’t take things too far. This can be surprisingly easy to do. Unfortunately, the [...]

8 Myths about Women’s Fitness

You want to be in better physical condition, but you’re worried about what you’ve heard working out will do to a woman’s body. You’re concerned that your muscle will turn to fat if you stop working out, or that lifting weights will make you look “manly”. Here’s the thing – these myths, and many others, [...]

Womens Health and Fitness Tips

Women are no longer kitchen or home bound! There were times when women were just handling household chores but now women are multitasking – juggling to meet professional and personal commitments. They love to pursue their career but at the same time they love to take care of their home and family. If you are [...]

Growing Popularity Of Wrestling In The World of Fitness

Wrestling is no longer a just a game for the sportsmen – in fact, wrestling is now considered to be a latest trend in the world of fitness. There are several reasons for the growing popularity of this sport – this is a sport which everyone can understand. We might not wrestle in the arena, [...]

3 Reasons To Learn Self Defense Techniques

Keep yourselves protected and tackle any kind of difficult situation which can cause physical harm. There are many reasons for you to learn these skills, here are 3 important reasons. Self Protection This will always be the primary reason to learn self defense - to keep you protected and safe. Self defense techniques teach men [...]

Why Diet Is An Important Part of Fitness

Today’s general population is very much health conscious, they strive not only to get a shaped body but also seek to stay fit. Fitness depends on numerous factors. But the most important and deciding factor for ensuring good levels of fitness is having the right kind of diet. Diet consists of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats [...]

Why You Should Include Martial Arts In Your Fitness Routine

Today more and more people are showing their inclination towards martial arts and including it in their regular fitness routine. Is it just because they desire to learn self defense techniques? Well, martial arts have several more benefits and many of these are actually unknown to us. It is not just helping you to build [...]

Five Things You Need To Do For Your Overall Health And Fitness

Health is Wealth. In today’s demanding world in pursuit of wealth, we at times tend to ignore health. A healthy and fit body is an asset for any individual, which ensures peace of mind. However, most of us are unaware of the ways of achieving great fitness levels. Mentioned below are 5 things that you [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Have you wondered why everyone is talking about mixed martial arts? Well, this is because this training is beneficial for anyone, regardless of their age group and gender. The best part is that kids also benefit in more than one ways. Fitness freaks are increasingly showing keen interest in including this training in their regular [...]

Grip Strength Training At Mission Bay – American Ninja Warrior Style *VIDEO*

www.DBstrength.com Clip of a recent "play" day down at Mission Bay... The goal? Get around the apparatus without touching the ground. Great grip strength training routine. A possible 'American Ninja Warrior' tryout in my future...

Strength Training at Alliance Training Center with UFC Fighter Brandon Vera

Quick clip with UFC athlete Brandon Vera showing a full body circuit using the TRX suspension trainer and the RIP trainer down at Alliance Training Center.