• What Quality Women’s Only Self-Defense Entails

What Quality Women Only Self-Defense Entails

Finding a women’s only self-defense class is an important undertaking and one you should take seriously. Before you make a decision, it would be wise to learn about what a quality class looks like. Plenty of Live Sparring This is such an important concept that it’s really tragic that more women’s self-defense classes don’t incorporate [...]

  • The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The rise of MMA has been closely shadowed by Brazilian jiu-jitsu. While they are definitely not the same thing – BJJ doesn’t involve striking for one thing – every MMA fighter knows some amount of the famous Brazilian sport. If you’ve been thinking about trying it out for yourself, the following benefits may help you [...]

  • Top 10 Martial Arts

Top 10 Martial Arts

There are many people who are interested with doing martial arts and other physical sports where their bodies will not only be trained physically but also keep their mind alert and active. People can choose from different types of martial arts practices and the following are the top 10 choices that you can get. 1. [...]

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  • 3 Reasons To Learn Self Defense Techniques

3 Reasons To Learn Self Defense Techniques

Keep yourselves protected and tackle any kind of difficult situation which can cause physical harm. There are many reasons for you to learn these skills, here are 3 important reasons. Self Protection This will always be the primary reason to learn self defense - to keep you protected and safe. Self defense techniques teach men [...]

  • Increasing-Number-Of-Women-Are-Learning-Self-Defense-Techniques---Are-you

Increasing Number Of Women Are Learning Self Defense Techniques – Are you?

Crime against women is increasing everyday! It is time that women start thinking about ways to defend them and fight back Why depend on others for self protection when you can learn self defense and tackle any probable attack all by yourself? More and more women are enrolling themselves for martial arts training which focuses on self defense and self protection methods. If you still haven’t considered about self defense techniques, its time you consider learning the many techniques and bring safety back to life. […]