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FIGHT WEEK: Friday Tsuyoshi Holder, Saturday Casey Ryan & Danny Martinez

Friday: First up is Tsuyoshi Holder! Click image to enlarge. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW TY HOLDER! Saturday: Next up is Casey Ryan & Danny Martinez! Click image to enlarge. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW CASEY RYAN AND DANNY MARTINEZ! Who are they fighting??? IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!! Come See Them WIN!!!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Danny Martinez & Casey Ryan Fighting On Same Fight Card XPLODE FIGHT SERIES DISARM

Help Support San Diego Fighters Casey Ryan & Danny Martinez Fighting On The Same Card! Tickets On Sale NOW At Alliance Training Center. Call Now To Reserve Your Tickets! (619) 425-0888 a2M Entertainment Inc. Presents XPLODE FIGHT SERIES DISARM March 24, 2012 16760 Paradise Mountain Road, Valley Center Gates Open At 5PM First Match At [...]

THE GAUNTLET: MMA Fighter/Instructor Casey Ryan’s Spider Monkey Jiu-Jitsu Army in San Diego

On Saturday the 18th Alliance Training Center held the Spider Monkey Jiu-Jitsu Army's Belt Promotion. After the students receive their belts, they must face the Gauntlet, the true test of honor! CLICK HERE NOW To Try Our Spider Monkey Jiu Jitsu Training Program For 30 DAYS FREE!!!!!

Support Alliance Fighter/BJJ Instructor CASEY RYAN At California Fight Syndicate Presents The Uprising PRO-AM / MMA FIGHTING

Join us this Sunday, July 24th to support Alliance fighter/BJJ instructor CASEY RYAN at California Fight Syndicate Presents The Uprising PRO-AM / MMA FIGHTING $30 includes a Limo Bus ride to and from Alliance MMA East. Pick up at 2:30pm and dropped off after the fights. Comment or call us for more info at 619-258-2550. [...]

Congratulations Casey Ryan & Rolando Perez! Thanks For All Your Support For Strikeforce in San Diego!

Thanks again to everyone for all your support. Here are some pictures from the Strikeforce weekend in San Diego. This post was brought to you by Alliance Training Center's Training Program. Try them out. It's FREE! Power Fitness Bootcamp Training for 1 Week FREE! Click here for more info. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training for [...]

Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley Featuring Alliance Fighters Rolando Perez & Casey Ryan

ROLANDO PEREZ (5-4-1; Chula Vista, Calif.) vs. EDGAR CARDENAS (3-0; Escondido, Calif.) – 3×5 140lbs CASEY RYAN (1-0; El Cajon, Calif.) vs PAUL SONG (2-0; Huntington Beach, Calif.) – 3×5 185lbs […]

Casey Ryan & Rolando Perez Ready For Strikforce April 9 In San Diego

Casey Ryan [flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNEoKuURqAc 460 389] Brought to you by Alliance's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training. Click here for 30 days FREE training! Rolando Perez [flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB1Vh8x50BA 460 389] Brought to you by Alliance's Power Fitness Bootcamp Training. Click here for 1 week FREE training!