4 Things to Expect When You Begin Boxing

Have you thought about signing up for your first boxing class? If you’re a bit nervous, you’re not alone, but there’s also no reason to be. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly what you should expect as a beginner. You’ll Spend a Long Time Learning the Basics Bruce Lee once said, “I [...]

8 Myths about Women’s Fitness

You want to be in better physical condition, but you’re worried about what you’ve heard working out will do to a woman’s body. You’re concerned that your muscle will turn to fat if you stop working out, or that lifting weights will make you look “manly”. Here’s the thing – these myths, and many others, [...]

Cardio 101: The Facts About Cardio – Paige Waehner

Article by Paige Waehner With a large percentage of Americans overweight, it's clear that many of us are not following the latest exercise guidelines that prescribe an hour of exercise a day. In fact, there was no doubt a collective groan when people realized they would now have to find an hour each day to [...]

Do You Want The Cardio of UFC Champion Dominick Cruz, UFC Fighter Phil Davis and a FREE Jaco Clothing DB Strength T-Shirt?

These TWO videos will provide you with the latest techniques necessary to take your combat strength and conditioning to the next level! We discuss cutting-edge exercises and drills and cover specific protocols for your ‘dynamic warm-up’, ‘explosive power’, ‘combat strength’, ‘mobility and flexibility’, hundreds of core and functional movements, and never before scene ‘metabolic conditioning [...]