5 Benefits of Taking Up Boxing

To the uninitiated, boxing may look like nothing more than two guys trying to punch each other out. The truth, though, is that the Sweet Science involves two pugilists locked into an athletic chess match that requires physical and mental precision, plus the resolve to keep pushing themselves until the bell rings. Even if you [...]

  • Being The Best Muay Thai Fighter

Being The Best Muay Thai Fighter

What is Muay Thai? It is a form of martial art originated in Thailand. Muay Thai involves the use of 4 limbs. It involves one on one fighting that requires fast, agile and versatile movements. Taking a Muay Thai class is a smart choice that can improve your agility and flexibility. So, if you want [...]

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  • How Should You Boost Your Metabolism

How Should You Boost Your Metabolism

Having a good metabolic rate is good for a healthy body. If you have a slow metabolism your body will not burn as many calories as needed and this will cause weight gain. Here are some good ways to boost your metabolism and enjoy a healthy living. Increase the Intensity No matter what you are [...]

  • Understanding Our Bodys Metabolism

Understanding Our Body’s Metabolism

We often hear about metabolism and the role it plays in our daily living and especially in terms of weight loss. To understand every thing related to our body's metabolism, we first need to understand what metabolism is. What is meant by metabolism? Metabolism is all about a number of biochemical reactions that take place [...]

Do Diets Really Work?

Are you among those millions of people around the world trying to lose weight and wondering - do diets really work? If diet control is going to help you lose that extra fat from your body? Well, don't be surprised, if you hear that diets do not work. Losing weight is not easy and is [...]

  • Why Diet Is An Important Part of Fitness

Why Diet Is An Important Part of Fitness

Today’s general population is very much health conscious, they strive not only to get a shaped body but also seek to stay fit. Fitness depends on numerous factors. But the most important and deciding factor for ensuring good levels of fitness is having the right kind of diet. Diet consists of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats and these three together serve as the building blocks of our body. While there has been an endeavor by the present generation to compromise on the right kind of diet in order to stay fit, the secret to a fit body is balanced diet. […]