Strength & Conditioning For The Combat Athlete 2-DVD Set

These 2 videos will provide you with the latest techniques necessary to take your combat strength and conditioning to the next level.

We discuss cutting-edge exercises and drills and cover specific protocols for your ‘dynamic warm-up’, ‘explosive power’, ‘combat strength’, ‘mobility and flexibility’, hundreds of core and functional movements, and never before scene ‘metabolic conditioning circuits’ guaranteed to improve your overall performance.

Uncover these proven methods and systems and maximize your potential. With a sport that is exploding in popularity, it is vital to have the most up-to-date information possible so that you can have the upper-hand against your competition. I firmly believe that incorporating strength training into your weekly routine will give you the advantage you need and help you achieve greatness. It is a crucial “piece of the puzzle” that will give you a competitive edge!

YES! I Want To Take My Combat Strength & Conditioning To The Next Level!