Phil 'Mr. Wonderful' Davis - Alliance Training Center

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Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis has had 16 wins and only three losses in his fighting career so far. The 31-year-old, 6’2” tall, 205-pound light heavyweight fighter hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and has been fighting his whole life.

Why MMA? According to Davis, “When I was 10 years old, I used to have to physically fight two of my brothers for a seat at the dinner table. There were three of us and two chairs. By the time I was 12 I was eating dinner almost every night.” Realizing that he knew how to fight, Davis saw that he needed focus and technique to become better.

Along the way to becoming a professional fighter, Davis has achieved a number of titles and ranks. He was a Big Ten champion twice, a four-time All-American, and he was the NCAA wrestling champion for Penn State in 2008.

Being a professional fighter at this level means everything to Davis. He’s dedicated to making sure that all of his kids have enough seats at the dinner table.

Of course, fighting isn’t all that Mr. Wonderful has going for him. Davis also has a BS in Kinesiology from Penn State, and he’s no stranger to working hard to make a living. Before he got where he is today, he was bartending in San Diego.

While many fighters have just one favorite technique, Davis has a couple. His favorite grappling technique is the guillotine choke, a front headlock submission hold that’s highly effective. His favorite striking technique is the crane kick. He’s used these and other techniques to get four of his wins by submissions and two by knockouts.

It’s been eight years since Phil Davis turned pro, but he has yet to hit his peak. As he continues to dedicate himself to his training and technique work, you can expect much more from Mr. Wonderful.