Paulina "Firefox" Granados - Alliance Training Center

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Born December 6, 1987, Paulina “Firefox” Granados is an up-and-coming star in Combate Americas. Though her MMA career only started recently in 2009, in the past three years, she’s racked up 3 wins and 2 losses as a pro. As an amateur she went 4-0 in MMA. And 1 win in pro boxing.

Before going pro, Paulina began training seven years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas at American Revolution Muay Thai & Submission Center. Today, she’s relocated to San Diego, California, and she trains harder than ever at Alliance MMA. Fighting in the 105-pound atomweight class, she has a solid stand-up fighting style that keeps her opponents guessing as to what she’ll do next.

When asked what her favorite tactics are in a fight, she says, “Punching people in the face.” At the same time, she’s an accomplished Muay Thai fighter and wrestler, so she can hold her own on the mat and isn’t afraid to get technical. She’s inspired by follow a number of fighters, including Ernesto Hoost, Canelo Alvarez, Andy Sower, and fellow Alliance MMA fighter Dominick Cruz.

Her most recent fight was on May 9th of this year in CAMMA, where she beat Stephanie Alba. This latest win is a good sign for Granados, who has been an athlete since she was four years old and has completely fallen in love with mixed martial arts. She credits her family and upbringing with her dedication, saying, “My family is from Guanajuato, Mexico, where the people always smile and work for what they want!” Paulina is certainly working for everything she wants. She’s in the gym every day working on strength, conditioning, speed, and technique to gain the edge she needs to continue winning fights at a professional level.