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Born December 9, 1981, Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran has had 17 wins in his career so far, including 12 by KO/TKO, two by submission, and three by decision.

Born in Oceanside, CA and raised by his mother in Calrsbad, CA, Beltran started boxing at the young age of 10 years old. In middle school, he began wrestling and continued through high school. He credits his decision to start MMA training and fighting to the fact that he really loved wrestling in high school and that he missed it. In 2007, his training would pay off, and he’d go pro.

To stay fit and ready for the cage, Beltran has a strict training program, including two to three days of hard sparring per week, a large amount of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling, along with running. He trains twice a day, with an intense session in the morning and an evening session for focused technique work.

Being a pro fighter means everything to Joey. As he puts it, when he took his first MMA class in 2006, he was “fat, 300 pounds, with long shaggy hair.” He told Matt Stansell, who was teaching the class, that he wanted to be a UFC fighter, and Stansell gave him the brutally honest answer that there was a 98% chance he’d never make it. Instead of feeling discouraged, Beltran got inspired. He lost the weight, cut the hair, trained hard, and started winning fights. Now he’s gotten the 5150 Heavyweight Champion title two times over, and he has a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He sees his wins and his position as a pro fighter as rewards for his focus and dedication.

With so much drive, ambition, and dedication, Joey Beltran’s best days are definitely not behind him. Watch for even more titles and wins from “The Mexecutioner” in the future.