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Joe “The Juggernaut” Taimanglo is a mixed martial artist who competes in Bellator’s featherweight division. Taimanglo started his professional career in 2004. He fought mainly for Guam-based promotion Pacific Xtreme Combat. Joe Taimanglo likes to call himself “a little guy from a little island,” but growing up in Guam, the Bellator tournament participant had to quickly learn to fend for himself.

“I remember one time when I was 15 and this bully walked right up to me and hit me in the face with a full Sprite bottle,” he said. “He was huge. I was small, and he was a returning senior. I was like, ‘What the f—? What the hell is this guy still doing in this school?’ So we ended up scrapping, and I kicked his ass in front of everyone at school.”

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