Eric Del Fierro (Head Coach) - Alliance Training Center

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Head coach at Alliance MMA, Eric Del Fierro has a long history of creating champion fighters and UFC stars. His athletes include such household names as Dominick Cruz, Brandon Vera, Phil Davis, Joey Beltran and Alex Gustafsson, among others, and he’s working hard to help even more elite fighters achieve greatness.

What sets Del Fierro apart? He’s a pro at multitasking, giving him a real edge when it comes to mixed martial arts training. Though he has a background in boxing, he says the decision to move to MMA was not about getting away from boxing. “I was just so intrigued by the mixed martial arts game,” he says, “Just being in martial arts myself, I wanted to stay in this and see what I can do.”

And what can Eric do? Under Eric’s coaching, Dominick Cruz won the title of best bantamweight fighter in MMA. Another of his fighters, Phil Davis, has also been rising fast in the ranks of light heavyweight fighters, and Alexander Gustafsson came close to gaining the UFC title, as well. These are just a few of the accomplishments that Del Fierro’s fighters have made on his watch, and the achievements and titles just keep on coming.

Born in Houston, Texas, to parents who immigrated from Mexico to escape poverty, Del Fierro has always respected the value of hard work and perseverance. His experience serving in the Navy taught him even more discipline. It also introduced him to San Diego and gave him access to Tijuana and the fighting gyms there. With all that experience and exposure, Eric Del Fierro has become one of the top MMA coaches in the world, bringing more and more athletes to achieve greater success every day.