Brandon 'The Truth' Vera - Alliance Training Center

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With 14 years of MMA fighting experience with WEC, UFC, and ONE FC, Vera has been a fierce competitor since 2002 and is currently the ONE FC Heavyweight Champion.

Of Filipino descent, Vera was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, where he lived with his father, step-mother, three brothers, and sister. At 6’3” tall and 205 pounds, this Alliance MMA fighter is a heavyweight to contend with. In his career so far, he’s had nearly twice as many wins as he’s had losses, and an impressive 62% of those wins have been due to KO/TKO, with 31% called by decision, and 8% by submission.

So how did Vera get into MMA fighting? With a background in wrestling and Muay Thai, he was training at the Olympic Training Center and was inspired when he saw several professional fighters come through the facility. He then took a couple of years off from training from 2000-2002, and during that time he got really into watching MMA fights. After watching the fights, he says, “I was like, ‘Hey, I can do that.’ So, I started training.” And that’s how Brandon “The Truth” Vera entered the octagon.

Today Brandon trains two to three times a day, every day, and his commitment to the sport has gotten him a number of titles. He’s been the Pan-American Champion twice. He’s an Abu-Dhabi veteran, and he’s won the Grapplers Quest Championship eight times. He’s also the WKA Muay Thai national champion and has won the Lloyd Irvin Brown Belt.

Vera’s favorite technique is the flying yoga wrist lock, and his hero is the Incredible Hulk. Don’t get Brandon Vera angry – you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!