Phil Davis: “We Got The Swedish Mauler In Today” - Alliance Training Center

Phil Davis: “We Got The Swedish Mauler In Today”

Phil Davis Video Blog 1. We just got done with Coach Doug’s DBStrength & Conditioning Class at Alliance MMA

Phil Davis Video Blog 1

“He Comes Here Cause He Likes Us, Just Cause He Can Beat Us Up”. -Phil Davis


Phil Davis Blog Transcript:

Phil Davis: We’re here at Alliance MMA, I’m Phil Davis. Just got done doing strength and conditioning. I didn’t have a clean Dethrone shirt today so I was representing my boy the Dominater today. Wearing this Metal Mulisha. I wear it for my strength & conditioning just to give me that extra Dominater step. Get me light on my toes and all that.

Phil Davis: Got The Swedish Mauler in today Alexander Gustafsson. Beating everybody up, probably breaking up our whole team. Punch’em in the face and carrying on. He comes here cause he likes us, just cause he can beat us up. Thats all. Anyhow, thank you for tuning in. POW!

Davis had an outstanding collegiate wrestling career at Penn State, finishing in 5th place nationally in the 197 lb weight class as a junior in 2007 and then winning an individual (197 lbs) NCAA title in 2008. He finished with an overall wrestling record of 116-17 while at Penn State and was a four-time NCAA Division I All-American. Upon graduating from Penn State, he immediately began training with the newly formed LionHeart MMA team, coached by Jeff Rockwell (BJJ), TJ Turner (Boxing), Mark “FightShark” Miller, (Kickboxing/MuayThai), Matt Kocher (Wrestling/S&C) and Ryan Gruhn (Muay Thai) in State College, PA.

His primary training partners were Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley, Lou Armezzani, and Jim “Kid Samurai” Hettes, though he also trained with many visiting fighters such as Ed “Pee Wee” Herman, Shannon Slack, and Dominick Cruz. When the LionHeart team disbanded in 2009, Phil moved to San Diego, California to continue his training with Alliance MMA and took his blossoming career to the next level.

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