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My 1st day of not wanting to go to the gym…

Monday night I was beat – I had laundry to do – unpacking from the weekend and I was just tired, us Cheer People refer to that as a “Cheer Hangover” – I did not want to go to the gym BUT, B was just as tired and had gotten up early for school and she had tumbling class, so if she could do it so could I, besides if I didn’t go to the gym I would just be sitting on my butt at Cheerforce and I had been sitting on my butt all weekend.

Since we are taking time off the treadmill I did the Elliptical for the 1st time. OMG I felt like a baby deer learning how to walk, I am so not coordinated enough for that yet! I couldn’t figure out how to keep moving and take a drink of water. It was much harder than the treadmill and I barely got in 20 minutes before I just couldn’t anymore. I had also forgotten my headphones and the button on my pants broke off so it was just an off day. BUT I still got up and get to the gym and 20 mins on the Elliptical is better than 20 mins of sitting on my butt. I may try some classes for my cardio, I had been doing Zumba and Jazzercise with Vanessa a few months back and I really enjoyed that and it was a great workout and my body could handle it. There is a 6pm Zumba class tonight I am going to check out.

I had a session with George last night, Tuesdays and Saturdays are quickly becoming my favorite days and I look forward to each session with him more and more. We extended the time of some of the drills and he had me do some drills with a 16 pound Medicine Ball and running with the weighted sled again. It feels good to be doing something and I can’t wait for the day when I can join a Softball Team again. The “Push Mill” at the end of the night was tough – 3 x 30 Seconds – After the 2nd one he asked if I had one more in me, I did – it was tough but I did it. That thing sucks!

I saw Vanessa at Alliance last night, she was doing their BABE Bootcamp Class, dang that looks tough!

I’m still struggling with the timing of my meals – I are before I worked out last night and my Post-Workout Protein Shake we perfect. I am also still struggling with my eggs, I couldn’t get them down again today.

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