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Let’s make a movie….

As I said yesterday the amount of support has been totally overwhelming and humbling and completely appreciated. So I met this girl once at Chrisy’s house during Fight Night, Monty. She works with Christy (Christy is my bestie) – anyway I had heard alot about her and we had a fun night watching the fights and picking on Christy. Well yesterday I get a friend request from Monty and message on Facebook saying “Hey I went to film school I’m a big nerd and I’ve made a few movies in my day and I’ve been wanting to find a real person to make a documentary on and I think this journey you are on would be incredible to film.” – Ummmm wait, what? You want to make a movie out of this…….I didn’t even hesistate of course I thought it would be awesome. I reached out to Jamie, George & David who all agreed and Monty is going to start filming Saturday at my next work-out with George! I can’t believe I have been given another amazing gift from another generous person who believes in my and my capabilities and is inspired by my story and goal enough to invest her time in me.

I met H last night at another gym and per Coach George’s direction we did 20 mins on the treadmill to get started. It’s nice to see H, we’ve been friends since childhood and she moved to San Diego a couple of years ago. We haven’t connected as much as I know we both would have liked but we are both on a journey and having a friend to share with is really nice, especially since we can chat and gossip on the treadmill! H is trying to make a baby and spending thousands on fertility and per her doctor’s instructions she needs to drop some weight too. We are about at the same starting weight and capabilities, she’s really a great partner. H brought me a present last night – a Tee, “2014 is going to be my year” – YES, YES it is, but so is every year from here on out! I am not going to waste away any more time, I’ve already wasted my late 20′s and early 30′s with this battle and it’s time to end that. I’m sick of saying “I used to…..insert (wakeboard, play softball, dance, ride on the back of motorcycles, etc etc etc) here. No more “used to”!! Ok so after our 20 mins on the treadmill we did the 30 min circuit workout and it was way tougher then when we got together last week and did the circuit alone with no treadmill. But still – I felt great – I was having “FUN”, is that possible? I mean walking on the treadmill is SOOOO boring but having H there makes is better but the circuit was pretty fun. There were some others in the circuit room and the vibe was just good. It was my night to drive carpool so we didn’t get to end with another 20 on the treadmill as George wanted me to but we are going to try that Sunday.

After dropping of my Cheer Carpool B and I got home to find a package on the door from CO, yay late Christmas from my Bro and SIL! But oh crap I knew what was going to be inside…….Homemade Caramel Corn. Dayum you PK and your late Christmas present! Well I told B I was gonna eat some – it’s a once a year treat – Nana’s receipe and I am going to eat it! And I did – and I didn’t feel bad. As I was talking to George on Weds I told him that B and I had a farewell dinner at Denny’s to say Goodbye to Butter, Ranch & Mozzerella sticks but that I had wished I had had Lolita’s once more. He told me to do it, that come Monday everything changes and to treat myself while I had the chance. So yes I ate some Caramel Corn and tonight I am going to have Lolitas and I am not going to feel about it. I still ate good all day yesterday and I will eat good today….with the exception of my 2 taco plate and rice and beans!

I slept like a baby last night (not sure why that saying makes any sense, babies are up all night screaming and what not) but whatever. I usually toss and turn for hours, watch Friends until the wee hours of the morning, struggle to get comfortable and let my mind wander. I think about B, School, Bills, Work, how much my back hurts, and who knows what else…..but last night – I turned on “Ground Floor” and this morning I woke up and my DVR was still stuck on that show asking me to play again or erase…..that means I feel asleep in a matter of minutes….I can remember the 1st 5 minutes of that show and nothing after! If a good night sleep is what lies ahead SIGN ME UP! I woke up refeshed, even had time to drink a cup of coffee before I left for work. It was awesome!

So today is my rest day and tomorrow we start filming…..Stay tuned!

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