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Kristian Lexell’s Las Vegas Blog – Killing the Sushi Buffet

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I’m sitting by the pool again. We just got home from a sparring session at TapouT training center. Tapout’s facility is great too; they’ve got everything and more.

Kristian Lexell’s Las Vegas Blog – Killing the Sushi BuffetOtherwise, except for training, eating and sleeping not much is done actually. Our routines are getting set and, as much as we enjoy the training, we’re sometimes questioning what to do in between. In one way Las Vegas isn’t that great because the only thing to do here seems to be gambling ore something money/gambling-related. But in another point of view what do we do a normal training day at home?

Well I know one thing that I do, I get to hang out with my son, whom I miss bad right now but apart from that I wouldn’t say I get that many things done always. So it might just be the magic of Sin city that’s playing with me. Like getting the ”missing the buffet” kind of feeling (like when you’re about to dig in to a great buffet and you don’t want walk out of it with regrets..).

Las VegasAnyway, we are trying at least. Yesterday we went to one of them big outlets to look around for a bit and we found some good stuff. We also managed to kill a sushi-buffet..

Right now when sitting in the sun, which I’ve missed for about 8 months, I don’t really feel an urge to do something special either. I think I’m going to ride this one out till tonight when it’s time for conditioning.


Today my body’s sorer then in a long time. Mainly thanks to Coach Doug from Alliance (

Doug puts together smart and grueling trainings with whatever he has and there are no excuses when training with the guys from Alliance. So today’s first training at Drysdale was an extra nice experience. Especially since I got to roll a lot with Robert himself. Robert is a beast. He made me feel worse than my first grappling class ever ☺

Alliance MMA at Drysdale Jiu-JitsuHis classes are great; he mixes good technique drills with a lot of sparring with different goals. After two hours of that you could say you feel like you worked out and the Thai-food we got ourselves after was more than welcome I tell you.

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Kristian Lexell will be blogging for during his trip to Las Vegas. He is a veteran of fight sports, with MMA bouts going back to 2001, plus boxing and Muay thai experience. The Swede returned to the cage in 2011 after a four year absence, and has since collected two wins with one loss. Known as “Lex”, the powerful middleweight trains at Stockholm’s Nexus Fight Center. The Gothenburg native won MMA Viking’s KO of the Year in 2011 with his KO of Allan Love at Battle of Botnia 4. Lex most recently won a Muay Thai match at Söderslaget in December at Nexus Fightcenter, and will be announcing his next MMA bout soon.

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