Article by Kristian Lexell

Another great session at Drysdales, some more at Wand’s and a sparring session at Throwdown is what went down since last I wrote.

I tell you it was packed with talent at all the places. I’m not the type that follow every forum or even watch every UFC so I don’t really recognize people that I probably should here which is funny sometimes when I get to roll or spar with guys that, when I ask them their name, they look at me funny. Well they don’t know me either right?!

Anyway, a difference here to Sweden is that the gyms are in such a good standard. I bet there is a lot of poor basement-gyms over here too but all the gyms I’ve been to so far, both here and in LA or San Diego, are really nice.

My guess is that it’s a combination of different factors why it is like that, one is probably because of the fitness culture and that people pay a lot of money for it here and one is probably because of the popularity of the sport and what that brings with sponsors etc.

A funny thing is that so many of the gyms don’t have showers or maybe just one.. Why is that?

So now it’s Sunday and I’m making it ”pool-Sunday-in-Vegas”, being the one and only restday and all (you can tell I need it by the halo from my white skin..)

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