Inside Alliance – Webisode I – "Getting Rocked I" *VIDEO* - Alliance Training Center

Inside Alliance – Webisode I – “Getting Rocked I” *VIDEO*

BY Dojo.TV

Okay, you may have noticed that after almost a year without missing a beat, “three video a day release” has suddenly petered out… Well, we’ve decided that quality must take precedence over quantity, and we’re going to be adjusting accordingly. Like MFS in the days of old, DOJO.TV has latched on to one of the hottest MMA team’s in the country, if not the world, and we’re going to be showing it to you, FIRST. The Alliance Pro MMA Team out of Chula Vista has nine guys going to The UFC in December, and we’re keeping tabs (and a camera) on the entire process… Get ready for behind the scenes reality MMA like you simply cannot find anywhere else. Alliance, and Head Coach Eric Del Fierro, are officially MMA ORIGINALS.

In this first episode, UFC fighters Myles Fury and Vinc Pichel hit the cage for some sparring, and no sooner did I get Coach Del Fierro mic’d up, reality occurred…

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