Get An Exclusive Inside Look At How Top UFC Athletes Prepare For A Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fight!!!

Saturday, February 25th – 11am to 3pm at Alliance Training Center!

This 4-hour interactive workshop is both lecture and hands-on and is designed to show you all phases of a complete strength & conditioning program for fighters.


  • Introduce the “Critical Components” used in the DB Strength Training System
  • Proper Dynamic Warm-Up – Focus on injury prevention, range of motion, foam rolling, activation, and more
  • Fighter-specific Mobility and Flexibility Movements – Discuss assessment protocols and the importance of joint integrity work
  • Medicine Ball Power Movements – Experience my “go to” movements and drills
  • Strength Training – Reveal the “method to the madness”. Discuss periodization, circuit training, frequency, overtraining concerns, and more
  • Core Development – Sample the drills and tools I use with top, UFC athletes on a weekly basis to help strengthen their core muscles
  • Metabolic Conditioning – Breakdown common circuit layouts and talk about methods I like, methods I dislike, and the ones I use frequently
  • Proper Cool-Down Techniques – Talk about an overlooked aspect of fitness and why I always incorporate it into our sessions
  • The value of Recovery – We will cover the importance of rest and share a number of recovery techniques
  • Nutrition – Examine macronutrients and what foods are a must for MMA athletes
  • Challenges – Learn how to deal with injuries, tough travel schedules, and short notice fights. We will analyze case scenarios to ensure we are all on the same page and getting our fighters in the best condition of their lives
  • And much, much more!

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