Health is Wealth. In today’s demanding world in pursuit of wealth, we at times tend to ignore health.

A healthy and fit body is an asset for any individual, which ensures peace of mind. However, most of us are unaware of the ways of achieving great fitness levels. Mentioned below are 5 things that you should try to stay healthy and fit.

Follow a Proper Diet Chart – The first step to stay healthy and fit is following a proper diet chart. Our diet consists of mainly Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats and it is of absolute importance to strike a proper balance in the intake of all three forms of diet. The ratios as suggested by many experts should be like 60-70% of carbohydrate, 20-30% of proteins and 10-20% of essential fats. Whole grain foods and whole wheat foods are a good source of carbohydrate and the quantities should be decided in consultation with an expert or dietician. There are many sources of good protein. Whey protein drinks, lean meats and fish offer quality protein. In addition, olive oils, flax seeds and peanuts are also good sources of essential fats. The only caution with regards to essential fat is the labeling needs to be checked so that saturated fat above 7 grams or trans fat can be totally avoided.

Exercise Regularly – Proper exercise schedule is another step which is very important for achieving a healthy and fit body. As with a diet schedule, the proper knowledge and planning needs to be practiced here as well. It has to be kept in mind that weights are not the only way to build strength and muscles. The traditional and tried out ways like push-ups or press ups also contribute well towards building up strength and muscles. Chin ups, pull ups and prison squats are also good ways to exercise. While doing an exercise, it has to be kept in mind that for endurance repetitions above 12 are a must and for strength at least 6-11 repetitions have to be completed.

Tone Your Abdomen – Health and fitness are also synonymous nowadays with abdominal muscles. Many people might have well developed abdominal muscles but too much body fat covering them. The excess body fat can be lowered by doing cardiovascular work such as sprints, Speed play training, biking, hiking, distance or raking a lawn.

Reduce Daily Calorie Intake – A daily reduction of calorie intake by 200-500 also helps in weight reduction and acts as an important step in ensuring proper health and fitness. However a loss of more than 1 kg with the revised calorie intake should be avoided and the calorie reduction should be adjusted so that the weight reduction is gradual and health friendly. Regular calculation of calorie intake, calorie burnt and adjustment of diet intake and exercises serves as an important contributor to a healthy and fit body. Simple calculations can be referred to very easily in order to calculate the calories gained, calories lost through exercise and its effect on the overall weight of your body and hence the health and fitness levels.

Hip Exercises – Another very tried out way to achieve fitness and health is adding hip extensor exercises. In addition Donkeys kicks, Superman exercise and prone back extensions should be tried out. Hip flexor exercises like reverse crunches, leg raises or flutter kicks should be limited to twice a week in order to avoid low back pain. The same holds true for Hip extensor exercises.

Thus proper diet, exercising and build up of muscles coupled with calorie burning and proper weight monitoring serve as the ideal tool for overall health and fitness.