Erin Beach: “We Train Had Everyday Here Baby, Just Look Out For Us” - Alliance Training Center

Erin Beach: “We Train Had Everyday Here Baby, Just Look Out For Us”

Erin Beach Video Blog 1. We just got done with Coach Doug’s DBStrength & Conditioning Class At Alliance MMA.

Erin Beach - Alliance MMA

“We Train Hard Everyday Here Baby, Just Look Out For Us Alright.” -Erin Beach


Erin Beach Blog Transcript:

Erin Breach: What’s up guys. This is Erin Beach down at Alliance Training Center here in Chula Vista. Just got done with strength & conditioning with our Coach Doug. Everyone here training hard, working hard. Feeling great, feeling strong. As you can see. We train hard everyday here baby. Just look out for us alright.

Erin Beach is an undefeated Alliance Fighter with a record of 2-0. Known for his size and devastating boxing, Erin Beach won his first fight against David Reeder 0-0 via Knockout in the first round at Total Combat 32 in San Diego.

His second win came from the crafty Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Joao Silva 3-2 via Unanimous Decision at Powerhouse World Promotions – War on the Mainland. Joao Silva is a veteran of the Guaiba Fight promotion, where two of his five professional MMA fights occurred in. While in the Guaiba Fight promotion, Joao Silva defeated Cesar Contact and suffered a defeat to Marcelo Alfaya. Joao Silva entered the fight riding a two fight winning streak. Erin Beach will be entering the fight riding a one fight winning streak, Erin Beach dominated the fight with his devastating boxing and takedown defense.

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