Are you interested in Boxing in the Chula Vista area? Boxing’s benefits are bountiful. It’s a great way to get in shape, build strength and stay fit. Workout machines can become tiresome and too often, traditional gym members can fall away through lack of interest. Not so with boxing!


Lack of interest is never a problem when it comes to boxing. You’ll consistently attain new levels of fitness learning a core component of self-defense. In boxing, the mind is worked out as much as the body, with a lot of focus on strategy and skill. 


At Alliance Training Center, as a boxing student in Chula Vista you will be constantly challenged to grow. Alliance Gym places the utmost emphasis on your technical development and possess the exact knowledge you need in order to improve. 


While boxing may look like little more than two guys trying to punch each other out, there is a lot more going on than you may realize. The physical and mental precision involved, along with the resolve to keep pushing themselves until the bell rings is unimaginable to any but the boxer. 


Even if you have no desire to ever step foot in the ring, or get in front of a crowd to box, the sport offers a wealth of benefits that make it quite attractive as a physical sport:


– Few other sports work your core like boxing. If you want washboard abs and toned obliques, forget the sit-ups and start boxing. Come to Alliance Training Center and take one boxing class in Chula Vista and prepare to feel your abs burn like never before. You can’t throw a single punch without your entire core going to work. The harder the punch, the harder your abs have to work. It’s no coincidence that experienced boxers have extremely taut midsections.


– Boxing burns calories like crazy! It’s very difficult to hold on to those love handles, turkey neck or other trouble spots when you box regularly. Part of this is because of how hard you work your abs. Boxing will also test your cardio more than many people have ever felt before. Your arms get tones simply from having to hold them up for an entire round. Just about every muscle in your body will be burning calories, and you’ll see the results on the scale.


– Comradely is a natural by-product of boxing in the Chula Vista location. You can’t box alone. Every boxer has to spar from time to time. Once you become part of the Alliance Training Center family, you’ll begin to look forward to coming in and boxing with your friends, making it less likely that you’ll give up.


You can already see that boxing is a lot more than just throwing punches. People from all different backgrounds regularly enjoy boxing in the Chula Vista facility. If you’re interested in getting started in this amazing sport, call Alliance Training Center at 619-425-0888. You can train for the first 30 days for free, when you call now and ask about the 30-day trial membership from Alliance Gym. 

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