Bantamweight Fighter Rolando Perez Before His Bout This Sunday At Gladiator Challenge Interview By FIST-ta-CUFF Radio

Rolando PerezFIST-ta-CUFF Radio caught up with Bantamweight fighter Rolando Perez before his bout this Sunday at Gladiator Challenge against Greg Guzman. He talks to us about his experiences around mma and professional boxing!

FCR: Your fighting Greg Guzman for the bantanweight title? Greg is coming off a submission win in his last fight, what have you done to prepare for Greg?
RP: We train and prepare for everything at Alliance mma. A lot of wrestling, grappling and striking of course.

FCR: Your last fight was a boxing match, how did that end go for you?
RP: I won by 2nd rd tko. Doctor/corner stoppage.

FCR: How does training for boxing differ from mma training?
RP: More mitts and sparring for boxing and of course no grappling and kick boxing.

FCR: What do you appreciate more between boxing and mma?
RP: I like them both. In boxing you are forced to stand and fight, counter strike and use good defense and movement. In mma, I like that you can throw kicks and grapple.

FCR: Who are some of the guys who helped you get ready for this fight?
RP: My coaches at Alliance, Eric Del Fierro and Adrian Melendrez. All my training partners such as Danny Martinez, Nick Gonzalez, Eric Uresk, Erin Beach. Casey Ryan always helps me with my BJJ and Phil put us through some good wrestling practices. Dominick Cruz couldn’t train too much with me because of his hand but helps me with technique and things like that.

FCR: Is your goal to get back into the UFC?
RP: It definitely is.

FCR: With a win how close do you see your self from getting back to the UFC?
RP: I’m not sure, hopefully within a few fights. I’m at the level where I should be fighting the top guys in the division and I can beat them all.

FCR: Tell me about the Jose Aldo fight?
RP: The Aldo fight, I took it on short notice. My team and I both felt I could beat him. I got caught, simple as that. It was a close fight until that point.

FCR: What do you think about him?
RP: I think he is a great fighter.

FCR: If you were not a full time fighter, what would you be doing?
RP: I don’t know..maybe going to school, but that is not fun. lol

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